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In the anime
PCs are sometimes used for communication rather than by calling on a {{wp|videophone}}; for example, in ''[[EP169|Beauty and the Breeder]]'', {{an|Brock}} is shown using an {{wp|email}} account on the PC to keep in contact with [[Suzie]], and {{an|May}} mentions to her mother in ''[[AG121|Hi Ho Silver Wind]]'' that she keeps in touch with her friends by e-mail, in addition to phone calls and letters.
In ''[[EP269|The Ties That Bind]]'', Ash is shown using a PC to look up [[Gary Oak]]'s profile. In ''[[DP041|A Stand-Up Sit-Down!]]'', [[Zoey]] used her laptop to show {{an|Dawn}} a video of a [[Double Performance]] from the official contest website.
PCs were also used by [[Paul]] in ''[[DP184|Casting a Paul on Barry!]]'' to get information on {{an|Barry}}'s Pokémon and vice-versa. It was also used by Ash in the same episode to look up info on [[Conway]] and Conway then used it to study {{si|Tobias}}. In addition, [[Nurse Joy]] and many officials for the [[Pokémon League]] and [[Pokémon Contest]]s are often shown using PCs.