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*While this expansion officially introduced the TCG to the United States in January 1999, many stores were initially reluctant to sell the game. As a result, it did not see a widespread release until March or April of that year.
*The {{TCG|1st Edition}} print run sold extremely quickly, making first edition Base Set cards some of the most sought-after of all of the early TCG expansions.
*AllThe {{TCG|1st Edition|Shadowless}} print mirror the 1st Edition cards inexcept for the first1st fewEdition printlogo. runsAll (bothcards firstin editionthe 1st Edition and unlimited)Shadowless runs were printed with thinner HP and attack text. andThese cards were without drop shadows for the illustration window., Thesehence arethe commonlyname knownshadowless. as "shadowlessShadowless cards" and are more valuable than later runs.
*The Unlimited print is the most common print of the Base Set.
*There was a 4th print run that mirror the Unlimited print except the date in the bottom right corner says 1999-2000. This print was release in other countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia.
*This expansion was replaced by {{TCG|Base Set 2}} on its release, as by that point Base Set had been out of print for some time.
*Several final form Pokémon were left out of this set despite their pre-evolved forms appearing - Butterfree, Clefable, Dodrio, Dragonite, Gengar, Hypno, Pidgeot, Rapidash, Sandslash and Weezing. These cards were later released in {{TCG|Jungle}} and {{TCG|Fossil}}.