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The player can also exchange Poké Beans with [[Mohn]]. He will give the player three Plain Beans for a Patterned Bean or seven Plain Beans for a Rainbow Bean. Additionally, on [[Poké Pelago]], the player can place some of the Poké Beans he or she collected into the Poké Bean crate on each island for various effects, such as attract [[wild Pokémon]] in {{DL|Poké Pelago|Isle Abeens}} or speed up [[Berry]] harvest on {{DL|Poké Pelago|Isle Aplenny}}.
Some{{p|Metapod}}, Pokémon{{p|Kakuna}}, like{{p|Pineco}}, {{p|CosmoemSilcoon}}, and{{p|Cascoon}}, {{p|Shedinja}}, {{p|Spewpa}} and {{p|Cosmoem}} cannot be fed.