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The wild Pokémon that appear are based on the player's name and the hex values of the characters in it. The third, fifth and seventh slots of the player's name are the species of Pokémon that will appear (see table below). The second slot of the player's name becomes the level of the Pokémon caused to appear by the third slot, the fourth slot for the fifth slot, and the sixth slot for the seventh slot. The game also reads the ninth and eleventh slots as wild Pokémon and the eighth and tenth slots as levels; however, due to the seven character name limit, these slots cannot be changed, thus the eighth slot appears as two values, one(50 ofand which00 tells= theLevel game80 thatand the0 string ends prematurely,(Byte (50 andtells 00the =game Levelthat 80a andstring 0ends early)) and the ninth appears blank (00 = [ 'M]).
At the end of the player's name, there is a special character to mark the end of the name. This character can either cause MissingNo. to appear, or create the possibility for wild 'M (00) to be at level 80.