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==In the anime==
[[File:Maylene anime.png|thumb|left|220px|Maylene in the anime]]
Maylene made her first appearance in the {{pkmn|anime}} in ''[[File:MayleneDP066|Lost andLeader DawnStrategy!]]'', in which it was revealed that she had been challenged by [[Paul]] to a [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}}, during which Paul easily defeated her.png It was explained that {{cat|thumbPaul's Pokémon}} had a [[type]] advantage over Maylene's {{type|220pxFighting}} [[Party|Mayleneteam]], and Dawnthis, coupled with the fact that Maylene was feeling out of sync with her Pokémon, resulted in an embarrassing match in which she failed to [[Fainting|knock out]] a single one of his Pokémon.
Maylene made her first appearance in the {{pkmn|anime}} in ''[[DP066|Lost Leader Strategy!]]''.
PriorAfter tobeing the events of the episodedefeated, Maylene hadawarded been challenged by [[Paul]], who brought Pokémon towith the Gym that had type-advantages over hers. Worse than that{{Badge|Cobble}}, Maylene felt out of sync with her Pokémon and as a result she suffered an embarrassing defeat, not even managing to knock out a single one of Paul's Pokémon.noted Afterwards, whenthat she gave himwas the {{Badge|Cobble}},weakest he[[Gym notedLeader]] howhe weakhad sheever wasbattled. As a result, Maylene had lost confidence in herself as a Gym Leader, a position that she's had only held for six months. ThisPaul's rude remarks, combined with how badly theMaylene previousperformed battleduring wentthe battle, caused her {{TP|Maylene|Lucario}} and the majority of her {{cat|Gym assistants}} to lose faith in her and feel concerned for her. When {{Ash}} challenged her, she declined, much to the annoyance of Lucario.
Discovering {{an|Dawn}} has similar issues herself (following [[DP049|her]] [[DP061|recent]] [[Pokémon Contest]] defeats), File:Maylene agreesand to have a Gym battle with her in ''[[DP067Dawn.png|thumb|Crossingleft|220px|Maylene theand Battle Line!Dawn]]''. She managed to defeat Dawn after a hard-fought battle.
Although Maylene was feeling very sad and discouraged, she discovered a friend in {{an|Dawn}}, who at the time was going through a difficult period on her {{pkmn|journey}} following her losses in the [[Appeal|Performance Stage]] of both the {{ci|Hearthome}} and {{to|Solaceon}} [[Pokémon Contest]]s. The two confided in one another and shared their experiences and insecurities, and while doing that, Dawn had the idea of challenging Maylene, thinking that a battle between them could end up helping them overcome their self-confidence issues. Maylene agreed to have a Gym battle with her, which took place in ''[[DP067|Crossing the Battle Line!]]''.
SheDuring wastheir challengedbattle, Maylene warned her Pokémon to be careful because Dawn's [[Contest Battle]] tactics could distract them. Both Maylene and Dawn were taking the battle very seriously, and their efforts were noted by Ash, {{an|Brock}}, [[Reggie]], and [[Connally]]. Eventually, after a fierce battle, Maylene managed to defeat Dawn, regaining trust on her skills as a Gym Leader. After that, Maylene accepted Ash's challenge, and they faced nextoff in ''[[DP068|A Triple Fighting Chance!]]'',. anAlthough eventhe harderhard-fought battle which resulted in a tie. With the decision now hers, Maylene considered Ash to have battled well enough thatand she awarded him the {{Badge|Cobble}}.
Maylene also appeared again in ''[[DP069|Enter Galactic!]]'', helping Ash and {{ashfr}} to stop [[Team Galactic]] from stealing the [[Veilstone City]] Meteorites.
She reappearedalso appeared in a flashback in [[DP120]].