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Kanga and Li'l Kanga

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|tmnickname=Garu and Kogaru
|image=[[File:X Kanga.png|x200px]]<br><small>Kanga</small><br>[[File:X Li'l Kanga.png|x200px]]<br><small>Li'l Kanga</small><br>[[File:X Li'l Kanga Mega Kangaskhan.png|x200px]]
|caption=Li'l Kanga as a Mega Kangaskhan
[[File:X Li'land Kanga Mega Kangaskhan.png|thumb|left|200px|Li'l Kanga, as aKanga, Megaand KangaskhanX]]
Kanga and Li'l Kanga are X's first known Pokémon that he has ever since he was a small child. Years ago, they were used to win a Junior Tournament, which caused X to get the attention of the press. The constant attention eventually led to X shutting himself from society by refusing to leave his house and avoiding human contact. X's shut-in behavior had a negative effect on Li'l Kanga, who also refuses to leave her mother's pouch and never grew up into an adult Kangaskhan as a result. Since X refused to come outside, {{adv|Tierno}} took care of Kanga in his stead.
In ''[[PAXY10|Pangoro Poses a Problem]]'', Kanga and Li'l Kanga teamed up with Marisso and [[Salamè]] to battle the Lumiose Press editor-in-chief to protect [[Alexa]]. Kanga battles against his {{p|Pangoro}} and is unable to land an attack, so X Mega Evolves Li'l Kanga to fight as well, but the two are still unable to land an attack. Frustrated X attempts to get Marisso and Salamè to help, but notices they won't listen to him due to the editor's {{p|Spewpa}}'s {{m|Rage Powder}}. The two eventually defeat the Spewpa and are left exhausted, allowing Pangoro to grab Marisso and Salamè with its paws. X then told Salamè to release his tail, which caused Pangoro's leaf to burn up. Without the leaf allowing it to sense what Kanga and Li'l Kanga were doing the two sent it flying out a window, defeating it.
[[File:X and Kanga.png|thumb|right|200px|Li'l Kanga, Kanga, and X]]
In ''[[PAXY24|Pyroar Breathes]]'', Kanga was used in X's attempt to break into Team Flare's hideout in [[Geosenge Town]]. While sneaking in Kanga used Mega Punch to defeat a Grunt's {{p|Noibat}}. Once inside Kanga teamed up with [[Élec]] and {{p|Gengar|Garma}} to fight [[Lysandre]]'s Mega {{p|Gyarados}}, {{TP|Lysandre|Pyroar}}, and {{p|Mienfoo}}. Kanga ends up fighting his {{p|Pyroar}} and struggles due to the power of his flame attacks. Lysandre then questions why X hasn't Mega Evolved a Pokémon yet, only for a Mega Evolved Li'l Kanga to sneak up on Gyarados and attack, dealing a lot of damage. Lysandre then asks X if the sneak attack was worth it, and X reveals that he also choose to not Mega Evolve Élec due to his {{a|Lightning Rod}} [[Ability]] being used to drain Lysandre's machine's energy, allowing [[Xerxer|Xerneas]] to recover. Despite all this, X and his team are later seen defeated.