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Testing out a way to at least make symbols like Ⓐ Ⓑ Ⓧ Ⓨ & ✚ available without having to copy and paste all the time for the Pokkén Movesets. Suggestions are welcome in the talk page.
{{incomplete|needs=Work in progress, sort of; seeing how to make the code work; might have to twink a few things.}}

Inputs can be "A" or "a" for Ⓐ, "B" or "b" for Ⓑ, "X" or "x" for Ⓧ, "Y" or "y" for Ⓨ, "L" or "l" for Ⓛ, "R" or "r" for Ⓡ, "forward" for "✚ Forward", "backward" or "back" for "✚ Backward", "up" for "✚ Up", "down" for "✚ Down", and "sideways" or "side" for "✚ Sideways".

</noinclude>{{#switch: {{{1}}}|A=Ⓐ|a=Ⓐ|B=Ⓑ|b=Ⓑ|X=Ⓧ|x=Ⓧ|Y=Ⓨ|y=Ⓨ|L=Ⓛ|l=Ⓛ|R=Ⓡ|r=Ⓡ|forward=✚ Forward|backward=✚ Backward|back=✚ Backward|up=✚ Up|u=✚ Up|U=✚ Up|down=✚ Down|sideways=✚ Sideways|side=✚ Sideways|s=✚ Sideways|S=✚ Sideways|#default=N/A}}<noinclude>
<!--[[Category:Code templates]]--></noinclude>