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Professor Kukui

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In the manga
Sun introduces Kukui to Moon, who reveals that she was tasked with delivering a {{p|Rotom}} to Kukui. Kukui explains that he wanted Rotom, which is not found in Alola, because it is capable of combining with Sun's [[Pokédex]]. When Rotom attempts to go inside the Pokédex, it freaks out and runs away, which Sun reveals is due to him constantly mishandling the Pokédex, causing it to become dirty and smell bad. Angered, Kukui beats Sun up and tells him to go and retrieve Rotom while he cleans the Pokédex. Later that night, an Sun returns to Kukui's house, having successfully retrieved Rotom. The next day, a sleep-deprived Kukui angrily asks Sun why he wasn't informed about Sun's encounter with Tapu Koko the previous day. Kukui reveals that the [[Island Kahuna]] [[Hala]] asked to be reported about any sightings of Tapu Koko. To Sun's annoyance, Kukui also reveals that he decided to enter Sun in a tournament that will be held in [[Iki Town]]'s festival.
As the Masked Royal, Kukui is also entered as a participant in the Iki Town festival tournament. During the tournament, Kukui is paired up to battle against Sun in the first round. EventuallyDue to the lack of a monetary reward, Sun refuses to take the battle seriously until Hala reveals the prize for winning the tournament, an [[island challenge]] amulet. Assuming he iscan defeatedsell the amulet for money, Sun becomes motivated enough to battle seriously, allowing Sunhim to win the battle and advance to the next round.
|epnum=Sun & Moon chapter (Adventures)
|epname=Sun & Moon chapter
|desc={{p|Munchlax}} is Professor Kukui's fifth known Pokémon. It was first used to battle Sun's {{p|Litten|En}} at the [[Iki Town]] festival tournament. With its powerful moves and resistance to {{type|Fire}} attacks, Munchlax easily held the advantage over En. By lining its hairballs around the battle field and setting them on fire, En surrounded Munchlax in a field of flames, damaging it enough to knock it out.
Munchlax's only known move is {{m|Rollout}}, and its Ability is {{a|Thick Fat}}.}}
|epnum=Sun & Moon chapter (Adventures)
|epname=Sun & Moon chapter
|desc=This {{p|Litten}} originally belonged to Professor Kukui. It was given to {{adv|Sun}}, who named it En.}}
Litten's only known move is {{m|Ember}}.}}