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[[File:Pokémon League Champion Roomchamber B2W2SM.png|framethumb|250px|The Champion's Roomchamber in [[Pokémon BlackSun and White Versions 2|Pokémon Black 2 and White 2Moon]], where Trainers[[Professor mayKukui]] defeatchallenges the Champion{{player}} andto wintest thetheir Pokémonworth Leagueas [[Alola]]'s first Champion.]]
A '''Pokémon League Champion''' (Japanese: '''リーグ{{tt|優勝者|ゆうしょうしゃ}}''' ''League Champion''), normally referred to as simply '''Champion''' or '''Pokémon Champion''' (Japanese: '''チャンピオン''' ''Champion''), is the highest known level of rank for a [[Pokémon Trainer]]. The title is also colloquially referred to as '''League Champ''' (Japanese: '''ポケモン リーグの ちょうてん''' ''Pokémon League's Greatest'').