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After the show, Max asks Butler and Diane about the crystal, and they respond by saying the crystal contains a Pokémon named {{p|Jirachi}}. Butler tells everyone that Jirachi only awakens once every 1000 years, and is sleeping inside the crystal, which acts like a cocoon. To wake up Jirachi, the crystal needs two things; the Millennium Comet to be visible in the night sky and a best friend chosen by destiny. Max happens to be the chosen one, so Diane gives him the crystal and as the crystal is due to appear in the sky that night it seems Max's new friend will awaken soon.
[[File:May wishmaker.png|280px|thumb|right|May's {{OBP|wishmaker|item}}]]
At twilight, May buys a Wish Maker, a sacred item that can grant one wish when its panels are closed while facing the comet. The stallholder, [[Bogie]], tells May that she has to close a flap on the Wish Maker every night the comet is in the sky to make her wish come true. Soon fireworks are going off to celebrate the arrival of the comet, with many of the fireworks taking the forms of Pokémon. Afterwards, the fair closes down for the night.
Ash, May and Brock talks how about the world can change in a thousand years. The clouds then go off, revealing the comet glowing magnificently in the night sky. Soon Max is asleep with the crystal in his arms. May then starts singing her mother's lullaby. As Max sleeps, the crystal glows, goes off Max's hands then float in the air. Then, a mysterious light surrounds it, and Jirachi appears! Max introduces everyone to Jirachi. Diane then comes and Ash tells him that the prophecy was true. Diane tells them to pass the night in her bus. Inside, Max asks about wishes, then wants snacks. At first, everyone said Jirachi can't grant wishes until Ash saw a bag of potato chips on Max's legs. Then, more and more snacks appears, filling the whole bus! The doors then open, with Diane with Butler coming and asking what happened. Max tells them he wished for candy, and his wish came true! Diane picks up some cheese puffs, look at them then says those are the same from the snack-bar which suddenly lost all of its merchandise. Jirachi didn't create the treats, it teleported them away. May then gets irate and blames Max for this. Ashamed, he asks what should he and Jirachi should do. Brock suggests teleporting the food back to the store. If Jirachi was able to get the candies from the store, it could also teleport them back there. May yells at Jirachi to 'get rid of the problem'. Jirachi agrees, but from its point of view, 'the problem' to get rid of was May, not the snacks! It teleports May in the load of snacks, and falls asleep. Ash, Brock and May are then forced to take the candies back to the store by themselves.
* [[Butler]]
* [[Diane]]
* [[Bogie]]
* {{ga|Brendan}} (cameo)
* Unnamed Trainer (cameo)
* Stallholder
* Various people
{{cast|Hoenn|Butler|Wayne Grayson|Butler|Kōichi Yamadera|バトラー|山寺宏一|top=yes}}
{{cast|Hoenn|Diane|Megan Hollingshead|Diane|Riho MahiseMakise|ダイアン|牧瀬里穂}}
{{cast|Hoenn||none|Bogie|Papaya Suzuki|ボギー|パパイヤ鈴木}}
{{cast|Hoenn|Jirachi (M06)|disp=Jirachi|Kerry Williams|Jirachi|Tomiko Suzuki|ジラーチ|鈴木富子}}
{{cast|Hoenn|Absol (Pokémon)|disp=Absol|Eric Stuart|Absol|Megumi Hayashibara|アブソル|林原めぐみ}}