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Freeze (status condition)

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:''Freeze redirects here. For the unexpected freezes which prevent the game from continuing, see [[game freeze]]. For the Badge given by [[Brycen]], see [[Badge#Freeze Badge|Badge → Freeze Badge]]. For the location in [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team]], see [[Mt. Freeze]]. For the location in [[Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon]], see [[Frozen Mountain]].''
[[File:Frozen Pokémon.png|thumb|250px|[[Iris's Excadrill|Excadrill]] is frozen in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
The '''freeze''' condition (FRZ) (Japanese: '''{{tt|凍|こお}}り''' ''Ice''), also called '''ice''' in the [[Pokémon Stadium series]], causes a Pokémon to be unable to make a move. It is the only [[status condition]] that does not have a [[move]] that will always cause it or an [[Ability]] that can cause it, and because of this, it is arguably the most uncommon.
It is associated with the {{t|Ice}} type, as the majority of moves that can freeze are of this type. {{type|Ice}} Pokémon are usually immune to being frozen, except from {{m|Tri Attack}} in [[Generation II]]. In [[Generation V]], Pokémon glow blue and stop moving when frozen.
===Generation I===
Once frozen, a Pokémon can'tcannot be thawed out in battle other than via the use of items such as an {{DL|Status condition healing item|[[Ice Heal}}]], being hit by a damaging {{type|Fire}} move that can inflict {{status|burn}} (i.e. any Fire-type move except {{m|Fire Spin}}), or the opponent using the move {{m|Haze}}. If a frozen Pokémon uses a move with 0 {{PP}} on the same turn that it thaws out, {{DL|List of glitches in Generation I|Struggle bypassing|the PP of the move will roll over to 63 PP}}, and full {{DL|Vitamin|[[PP Up}}]]s will be applied to it.
===Generation II onward===
A frozen Pokémon has a 10% chance of being thawed out on each oftime itsit turnsattempts to move. On the turn that a Pokémon defrosts, it cannot attack until the next turn, similar to {{status|Sleepsleep}} in Generation I. In addition, {{cat|Moves that thaw out the user|some moves}} can still be used by the frozen Pokémon while frozen (thawing it out in the process). Pokémon cannot be frozen in {{weather|harsh sunlight}}, but harsh sunlight does not affect when a Pokémon that is already frozen thaws.
===In [[Generation IIIII]] only, {{m|Tri Attack}} has a 1/3 chance of thawing a frozen onward===target.
Same as Generation II, but the thaw chance is now 20% and Pokémon can attack on the turn that they defrost. An animation also shows up on every turn the Pokémon is frozen (in contrast to previous generations, where one showed up only when freeze was inflicted).
FreezingIn alsoaddition, disables{{cat|Moves that thaw out the Abilityuser|some moves}} can still be used by the frozen Pokémon while frozen (thawing it out in the process). Pokémon cannot be frozen in {{aweather|Flashharsh Firesunlight}}, but harsh sunlight does not affect when an already-frozen Pokémon thaws.
===Generation IV onwardIII===
Same as Generation IIIII, but the thaw chance is now 20% and Pokémon can attack on the turn that they defrost. AAn frozenanimation {{DL|Listalso ofshows up whenever a Pokémon withis formunable differences|Shaymin|Skyto Forme}}move {{p|Shaymin}}due willto revertbeing frozen (in contrast to itsprevious generations, in which it only showed up when freeze Landwas Formeinflicted).
Now all damaging Fire-type moves can thaw a frozen target, regardless of whether or not they have a chance to burn; however, Fire-type {{m|Hidden Power}} cannot thaw a frozen target. Tri Attack can no longer thaw a frozen Pokémon. Freezing also disables the Ability {{a|Flash Fire}}.
===Generation IV===
Fire-type Hidden Power can now thaw a frozen target.
A frozen {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Shaymin|Sky Forme}} {{p|Shaymin}} will revert to its Land Forme.
===Generation V===
Pokémon glow blue and have their animation stopped when inflicted with freeze. It no longer stops {{a|Flash Fire}} from working.
Freezing no longer stops {{a|Flash Fire}} from working.
===Generation VI===
{{incomplete|section|needs=Gen===Core VIseries images}}games====
{{incomplete|section|needs=Gen VI, VII images}}
|genIV=Freeze IV
|genV=Freeze V}}
====Side series games====
|Stad=Freeze Stad
|Stad2=Freeze Stad2
|Colo=Freeze Colo}}
|XD=Freeze XD
|PBR=Freeze PBR
|PMDRB=Freeze PMD RB}}
====Spin-off series games====
Unlike other major status conditions, the freeze status can only be caused by Pokémon moves (rather than by Abilities or items), with those moves rarely causing it. Currently, no moves have freeze as a primary effect. The following are the moves that can cause the freeze status:
{| class="roundy" width="100%" style="background:#{{ice color}}; border:5px solid #{{ice color light}}"
| 65
| 95%
| class="l" | May also cause {{status|flinch|flinching}} (10% chance)
| class="l" | {{m|Ice Punch}}
| 80
| 100%
| class="l" | May also cause [[burn]] or [[paralysis]] (6.67% chance of each)
===Other causes===
Pokémon can be frozen by the {{tc|Gentleman}}'s {{p|Dusclops}} in the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|[[Battle Pike}}]], and by the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation IV)|[[Battle Arcade}}]].
In all generations except [[Generation I]], freeze has a chance to be cured on its own on the frozen Pokémon's turn; it has a 10% chance in Generation II, and 20% chance in all subsequent generations. Consequently, the frozen Pokémon may thaw out on the turn of freezing. Pokémon cannot be frozen in {{weather|harsh sunlight}}, but contraryharsh tosunlight popularhas belief,no sunnyeffect weatheron doesPokémon notthat causeare aalready quicker thawingfrozen.
Being frozen can be cured with the use of an {{DL|Status condition healing item|[[Ice Heal}}]], a [[Pumkin Berry]] ([[Generation III]] only) and [[Aspear Berry]] ({{DL|Berry (Generation II)|[[Burnt Berry}}]] in [[Generation II]]). In addition, like all other major [[status condition]]s, it can be cured by the items {{DL|Status condition healing item|[[Full Heal}}]], {{DL|Status condition healing item|[[Rage Candy Bar}}]], {{DL|Status condition healing item|[[Lava Cookie}}]], {{DL|Status condition healing item|[[Old Gateau}}]], {{DL|Status condition healing item|[[Casteliacone}}]], {{DL|Status condition healing item|[[Lumiose Galette}}]], {{DL|Status condition healing item|[[Shalour Sable}}]], {{DL|Status condition healing item|[[Big Malasada}}]], {{DL|Status condition healing item|[[Full Restore}}]], {{DL|Herbal medicine|Heal Powder}}, [[Lum Berry]] ({{DL|Berry (Generation II)|Miracle Berry}}[[MiracleBerry]] in Generation II), and [[Sacred Ash]].
IfIn Generation I and II, if a frozen Pokémon is hit by a damaging {{Fire-type|Fire}} move andthat takescan damage (includinginflict {{mstatus|Hidden Powerburn}}, {{m|Weather(i.e. Ball}},every {{m|NaturalFire-type Gift}},move except {{m|JudgmentFire Spin}}, and {{m|TechnoHidden BlastPower}} if the move's type is Fire), it will be immediately thawed. However, from [[Generation V]] onward, Pokémon with the Ability {{a|Flash Fire}} will not be thawed out by Fire-type moves, since they will not be damaged by them (prior to Generation V, Flash Fire cannot be activated while the Pokémon is frozen). Starting; in Generation VIII, if a frozen Pokémon is hit by {{m|Scald}} or {{m|SteamTri EruptionAttack}} and takes damage, it willhas be immediately thawed; since Pokémon with the Ability {{a|Water Absorb}},1/3 {{a|Drychance Skin}},of or {{a|Storm Drain}} do not take damage from Scald or Steam Eruption, they cannot bebeing thawed by them.
From Generation III onward, if a frozen Pokémon is successfully hit by a damaging {{type|Fire}} move, it will be immediately thawed; {{cat|moves that change type}} such as {{m|Weather Ball}} can thaw a frozen target if they are Fire-type, except {{m|Hidden Power}} in Generation III. From [[Generation V]] onward, Pokémon with the Ability {{a|Flash Fire}} will not be thawed by Fire-type moves, since they will not be damaged by them (prior to Generation V, Flash Fire cannot be activated while the Pokémon is frozen).
Starting in Generation VI, if a frozen Pokémon is successfully hit by {{m|Scald}} or {{m|Steam Eruption}}, it will be immediately thawed; since Pokémon with the Ability {{a|Water Absorb}}, {{a|Dry Skin}}, or {{a|Storm Drain}} do not take damage from Scald or Steam Eruption, they cannot be thawed by them.
A frozen Pokémon can still use the moves {{m|Flame Wheel}}, {{m|Sacred Fire}}, {{m|Flare Blitz}}, {{m|Fusion Flare}}, {{m|Scald}}, {{m|Steam Eruption}}, and {{m|Burn Up}} while frozen; these moves will thaw the user, then execute normally. They will thaw out the user even if they are {{cat|Protection moves|blocked}}, miss, deal no damage due an Ability like {{a|Flash Fire}}, or are prevented from being executed by {{m|Powder}}, [[Rain|heavy rain]] or [[Harsh sunlight|extremely harsh sunlight]]; however, they cannot thaw out the user if they would fail (such as a non-Fire-type Pokémon using Burn Up).
The moves {{m|Heal Bell}} (unless the Pokémon has Soundproof as their Ability in Generation III and IV) and {{m|Aromatherapy}} remove the freeze condition from all Pokémon in the user's party. In Generation I only, using {{m|Haze}} cures the opponent from the freeze condition.
Pokémon with {{a|Natural Cure}} will be cured upon switching out, those with the {{a|Hydration}} Ability will be cured while it is {{weather|rain}}ing. Pokémon with {{a|Shed Skin}} have a 30%1/3 chance of being cured every turn, and Pokémon with {{a|Healer}} have a 30% chance of curing their allies.
{{type|Ice}} Pokémon cannot bebecome frozen, except in [[Generation II]] by {{m|Tri Attack}} in Generation II. However, if a Pokémon's Iceis frozen while not Ice-type is(e.g. changeddue throughto a {{cat|Moves that change a Pokémon's type|type-changing move}} like {{m|Soak}}), it is thenremains frozen andeven switchedif outit becomes Ice-type later (resettinge.g. due to theswitching Iceout type),and thein freezeagain statusafter willits remaintype is changed).
Pokémon with the {{a|Magma Armor}} or {{a|Comatose}} Abilities cannot be frozen. Pokémon with the Ability {{a|Leaf Guard}} will be protected from status conditions in {{weather|harsh sunlight}}.
{{m|Safeguard}} and {{m|Misty Terrain}} (for grounded Pokémon) prevent any status conditions for five turns.
The frozen status increases the catch rate of any given Pokémon.
==Other game effects==
In {{game|Emerald}}, when the player is inside the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|[[Battle Pyramid}}]], the types of Pokémon encountered on each floor follow a set of categories; one of these categories is Pokémon with moves that freeze.
==In the spin-off games==
In [[Pokémon Shuffle]], a frozen Pokémon cannot use any {{DL|Pokémon Shuffle|disruptions}}, its disruption countdown is paused, and it takes 20% more damage from {{type|Ice}} Pokémon.
Freezing can be inflicted by Pokémon with the Freeze and Freeze+ [[Skill]]s.
{{t|Fighting}}, {{t|Poison}}, {{t|Ghost}}, {{t|Steel}}, {{t|Fire}}, {{t|Electric}}, {{t|Psychic}}, {{t|Ice}}, and {{t|Fairy}}-type Pokémon are immune to being frozen.
==In the anime==
[[File:Ash Buizel Ice Aqua Jet.png|thumb|200px250px|{{AP|Buizel}} is frozen]]
In the {{pkmn|anime}}, the frozen status is literally the same as in the {{pkmn|games}}; once a Pokémon is frozen, it can't move and is open to attacks. In some cases, a [[Battle judge|referee]] may call a frozen Pokémon unable to battle.
Freezing is one of the most common status conditions featured in the anime, resulting almost alwaysoften when a Pokémon gets hit by an Ice-type attack like {{m|Ice Beam}} or {{m|Blizzard}}.
* In ''[[EP105|Charizard Chills]]'', [[Ash's Charizard]] was frozen by an Ice Beam from [[Tad]]'s {{p|Poliwrath}}, winning its Trainer the match. {{Ash}} stayed up all night with Charizard to treat its injuries, winning back its loyalty.
* In ''[[EP189|Freeze Frame]]'', {{an|Jigglypuff}} was frozen, but then thawed out by [[Ash's Cyndaquil]].
* In ''[[AG190|Pace - The Final Frontier!]]'', [[Ash's Pikachu]] was frozen by [[Brandon's legendaryLegendary titans|Brandon's Regice]]'s Ice Beam. However, thanks to Ash's brave encouragementsencouragement, Pikachu was able to break free from the ice with a {{m|Thunderbolt}}.
* In ''[[DP128|A Pyramiding Rage!]]'', [[Paul]]'s {{p|Lairon}} iswas frozen when it iswas hit by {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}}'s Regice's Ice Beam.
* In ''[[DP187|A Real Rival Rouser]]'', Ash's Pikachu was frozen by Paul's {{p|Froslass}}'s Ice Beam, but thawed itself out by using {{m|Volt Tackle}}.
* In ''[[BW033|Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster!]]'', [[Iris's Excadrill]] was frozen by an Ice Beam in a battle with [[Georgia]]'s {{p|Beartic}}.
* In ''[[BW090|Jostling for the Junior Cup!]]'', [[Iris's Dragonite]] was frozen by Georgia's Beartic's Ice Beam.
* In ''[[M15SM088|KyuremFull VS.Moon Theand SwordMany of JusticeArms!]]'', {{OBP|Kyurem|M15}} froze the threea {{OBPpkmn2|Swords of Justice|M15wild}} with {{mDL|IceRecurring Burn}}{{tt|*|causeswild a burnPokémon in the gamesanime|Necrozma}} andwas alsobriefly frozefrozen by {{OBP|Keldeoan|M15Lana}}'s with[[Poké Ride|Ride Poké]] {{mp|Freeze ShockDragonair}}{{tt|*|causes paralysisbefore init broke out of the games}}ice with brute force.
* In ''[[PK25M15|EeveeKyurem andVS. The Sword of FriendsJustice]]'', {{pOBP|GlaceonKyurem|M15}} froze the three {{APOBP|OshawottSwords of Justice|M15}} with {{m|Ice BeamBurn}}{{tt|*|causes whena heburn causedin athe disruptiongames}} inand itsalso room.froze He{{OBP|Keldeo|M15}} breakswith free{{m|Freeze afterwardsShock}}{{tt|*|causes paralysis in the games}}.
* In ''[[PK25|Eevee and Friends]]'', {{p|Glaceon}} froze {{AP|Oshawott}} with Ice Beam when he caused a disruption in its room. He broke free afterwards.
==In the manga==
[[File:Feefee Blizzard.png|thumb|150px|Sceptile being frozen]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
In ''[[PS005|Onix is On!]]'', {{adv|Red}}'s [[Poli]]'s {{m|Ice Beam}} froze a [[Pewter Gym]] Trainer's {{p|Graveler}} with {{m|Ice Beam}}.
In ''[[PS017|The Jynx Jinx]]'', Red's Poli was frozen by [[Team Rocket Elite Trio|Ken]]'s {{p|Jynx}}'s {{m|Ice Punch}}.
In ''[[PS023|Make Way for Magmar!]]'', {{adv|Giovanni}} used his {{p|Cloyster}} to freeze and subsequently kill two wild {{p|Magmar}}.
In ''[[PS025|You Know... Articuno!]]'', {{DL|Legendary birds (Adventures)|Articuno}} used {{m|Blizzard}} to freeze [[Team Rocket]]'s {{p|Muk}} that was attacking Red and {{cat|Red's Pokémon|his Pokémon}}. This, however, forced Articuno to spend so much energy that Team Rocket was able to capture it soon after. When [[Koga]] [[PS031|later]] used Articuno against Red and {{adv|Blue}} during the [[Silph Co.]] showdown, he had it use Blizzard to freeze the two Trainers solid. However, they were freed from the ice when [[Blue's Charizard]] used {{m|Flamethrower}} on the room from outside of the building.
In ''[[PS111|Tyranitar War]]'', [[Silver's Sneasel]] froze {{adv|Gold}}'s {{p|Sunkern|Sunbo}} with Blizzard.
In ''[[PS144|Savvy Swinub]]'', [[Pryce]] used his {{p|Swinub}}'s Blizzard to freeze {{p|Suicune}}, although it was afterwards revealed that the "Suicune" was actually a moving ice statue created by Pryce and moved by his Ice Pokémon.
In ''[[PS023PS309|MakeMoving WayPast for Magmar!Milotic]]'', {{adv|GiovanniEmerald}}'s borrowed {{p|CloysterRapidash}} frozewas andfrozen killedby two wilda {{p|MagmarDusclops}} during his [[Battle Pike]] challenge. It was able to thaw itself out by using {{m|Flame Wheel}}.
In ''[[PS309PS322|MovingSusceptible Pastto MiloticSceptile]]'', a {{p|Rapidash}} borrowed by Emerald for his [[BattleEmerald's PikeSceptile]] challenge was frozen by an opposing {{padv|DusclopsRuby}}'s Ice Beam. Rapidash thawed itself out by following orders to use[[Feefee]]'s {{m|Flame WheelBlizzard}} during their [[Battle Dome]] match.
In ''[[PS322PS409|SusceptibleShunning to SceptileSpiritomb]]'', [[Cyrus]]'s {{advp|EmeraldWeavile}} froze [[Cynthia]]'s {{TPp|Emerald|SceptileSpiritomb}}. wasCynthia frozentried byto {{adv|Ruby}}'sheal Spiritomb with an [[FeefeeAspear Berry]]'s, but Cyrus prevented this by having Weavile use {{m|BlizzardEmbargo}}.
==In other languages==
{{langtable|color={{ice color}}|bordercolor={{ice color dark}}
|zh_yue=冰凍 ''{{tt|Bīngdung|Freeze}}''
|zh_cmn=冰凍 / 冰冻 ''{{tt|Bīngdòng|Freeze}}''
|fr_ca=Engelure{{tt|*|Diamond manual}}
|ko=얼음 ''Eoreum''
|ru=Замороженный ''Zamorozhenniy''
|vi=Đóng băng
[[ja:こおり (状態異常)]]