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Drake (Orange League)

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At some undetermined time, Drake became the champion of the [[Orange League]] and was recognized as the strongest {{pkmn|Trainer}} in the [[Orange Archipelago]]. His partner is a {{p|Dragonite}}, which is easily his strongest Pokémon, as it managed to defeat three of {{Ash}}'s Pokémon in a row.
In his debut appearance in ''[[EP111|Hello, Pummelo!]]'', Drake wondered when he would finally meet a challenger capable of defeating him. During his time as leader of the [[Orange League|Orange Crew]], Drake remained undefeated no matter how many challengers tried to beat his team of powerful Pokémon.
After easily foiling {{TRT}}'s attempt to steal Dragonite, Drake accepted Ash's challenge for the Winner's Trophy. Battling in a stadium overlooked by a statue of Dragonite, Drake's first four Pokémon fainted while only managing to defeat {{AP|one of Ash's Pokémon|Lapras}}. In ''[[EP112|Enter the Dragonite]]'', when Ash had four Pokémon remaining, Drake called upon Dragonite to battle against {{AP|Charizard}}, {{AP|Squirtle}}, {{AP|Tauros}}, and {{AP|Pikachu}} in turn, finally succumbing to Pikachu's {{m|Thunder}} attack. Drake was extremely impressed with Ash and his Pokémon and presented Ash with the Winner's Trophy as proof of his victory.