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In the manga
[[File:Early TM Adventures.png|thumb|150px|Ultima's bracelets and Zinnia's scroll in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
During the {{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}, an old woman named [[Ultima]] offered to teach {{adv|Red}}'s [[Saur]] and [[Blue's Charizard]] the "specialultimate moves" of their respective types. For the training, the two Trainers received special bracelets, which would only remove themselves from their wrists once they had mastered their moves. After crossing three sets of tests on [[Two Island]], Red and {{adv|Blue}} mastered their respective specialultimate moves: {{m|Frenzy Plant}} and {{m|Blast Burn}}. Ultima also later taught {{m|Hydro Cannon}} to {{adv|Green}}'s [[Blasty]], by the girl's own request.
Later, off-panel, {{adv|Gold}} and {{adv|Crystal}} also managed to master the specialultimate moves with their respective [[starter Pokémon]]: [[Exbo]] and [[Megaree]]. During the {{chap|Emerald}}, {{adv|Silver}}, {{adv|Ruby}}, {{adv|Sapphire}}, and {{adv|Emerald}} were each given one of Ultima's bracelets, allowing their respective starters, {{TP|Silver|Feraligatr}}, [[Mumu]], [[Chic]], and {{TP|Emerald|Sceptile}}, to learn the specialultimate moves as well. Using these skills (combined with [[Pika]], [[Chuchu]], and [[Pibu]]'s {{m|Volt Tackle}}), the [[Pokédex holder]]s were able to destroy the giant {{p|Kyogre}}-like monster summoned by [[Guile Hideout]]'s wish to {{p|Jirachi}}.
Emerald visited a Move Tutor off-panel before ''[[PS320|Verily Vanquishing Vileplume II]]'', where he was shown to have taught his {{TP|Emerald|Dusclops}} {{m|Fire Punch}} with the [[Battle Point]]s he had earned in preparation for his {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|Battle Dome}} challenge, where the move proved its usefulness by easily taking out {{tc|Aroma Lady}} Rose's {{p|Vileplume}}.