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Kiloude City

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It can frequently be found raining here.
'''''A kind, sweet, and exquisite city.''''' (Japanese: '''{{j|優しく 甘い 極上の 街}}''' ''A kind, sweet, and exquisite city.'')
==Places of interest==
* Kiloude's Japanese motto is {{tt|優しく 甘い 極上の 街|Yasashiku amai gokujō no machi}} ''"A kind, sweet, and exquisite city"''.
* A {{tc|Team Flare Grunt}} can be found in a house near the northwest corner of the city, living with a {{tc|Punk Girl}}. He will tell the {{player}} of what happened to [[Team Flare]] after their defeat.
* Kiloude City is the only Kalosian city introduced in [[Generation VI]] that has not been featured in the {{pkmn|anime}}.
==Name origin==