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Vaniville Town

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'''Vaniville Town''' (Japanese: '''アサメタウン''' ''Asame Town'') is a small town located in the southeastern portion of the [[Kalos]] [[region]]. Like [[Pallet Town]], [[New Bark Town]], [[Littleroot Town]], [[Twinleaf Town]], [[Nuvema Town]], and [[Aspertia City]], Vaniville Town is the starting location for the {{player}}. It is the hometown of {{ga|Calem}}, {{ga|Serena}}, and [[Shauna]]. To the north is {{rt|1|Kalos}}.
'''''A town whose flower is about to bloom.''''' (Japanese: '''{{j|これから 花開く 町}}''' ''A town whose flower is about to bloom.'')
==Places of interest==
* Vaniville's Japanese motto is {{tt|これから 花開く 町|Kore kara hanahiraku machi}} ''"A town whose flower is about to bloom"''.
* Vaniville is the only hometown of a [[player character]] that {{Ash}} does not visit in the anime.