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Professor Sycamore

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In the main series
He appeared again in ''[[XY140|Till We Compete Again!]]'', where he told Ash and co. that Alain is now going on a journey, along with Mairin, to find a new Key Stone and Mega Stone, due to the fact that he discarded his old ones because Lysandre gave them to him. Sycamore also noted that the Anistar Sundial is providing locations to Mega Stones throughout the region. He later talked to them again while in the middle of presenting a {{tc|Youngster}} with the choice of choosing from one of the three Kalos [[starter Pokémon]].
He also reappeared along with [[Alexa]] in ''[[SS036|The Legend of X, Y, and Z!]]'', where they investigated some newly discovered ruins, which continued the statue of a petrified [[Aila]].