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Ancient Power (move)

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In the anime
==In the anime==
In the anime, Ancient Power is depicted by showing the Pokémon using the move forming an aura in the shape of their body, consolidating that aura into a sphere of energy, and firing that energy at their opponent.
{{moveanime|type=rock|exp=yes|gen=The user forms a glowing ball of energy in front of its body and shoots it at foe.|image2=Jessie Yanmega AncientPower.png|image2p=Yanmega|image3=Dawn Piloswine AncientPower.png|image3p=Piloswine|image1=Carracosta AncientPower.png|image1p=Carracosta|image4=Tirtouga AncientPower.png|image4p=Tirtouga}}
{{movep|type=rock|ms=193|pkmn=Yanma|method=Yanma's body glows white and it creates a see-through afterimage of itself. The afterimage then spins quickly and creates a silver ball in front of Yanma's body. Yanma then launches the ball at the opponent.}}