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[[File:Drew grooming Masquerain.png|thumb|220px|Drew grooming his Pokémon]]
Like {{Gary}}, Drew is portrayed as being confident, critical, and popular among his supporters, though he is generally not as overly insulting as Gary initially was. 
When Drew had participatedcompeted in his very first [[Pokémon Contest]], he had lost badly to a strong [[Pokémon Coordinator]] named [[Solidad]]. Solidad said the loss was so heartbreaking that he cried. Though he had suffered a defeat in his first Contestdebut, he endeavored to become a better Coordinator and has succeeded to a good extent. Since then, he has kept in touch with Solidad and the two developed a friendship. He usedfeels tocomfortable betalking veryabout proneother toCoordinators nervousnesswith whenher, but he startednever discusses his [[Pokémonown journey]]performances.
HeDrew usedwas very prone to tauntnervousness when he started his [[Pokémon journey]], much like May when he first met her. because sheHe used to betaunt likeher himand whenbelittle he{{cat|May's firstPokémon|her startedPokémon}} and her skills as a outCoordinator. Even though his comments and attitude may have angered May, he still provides a helping hand whenever she needs it. He also congratulates May when credit is due, occasionally giving her a rose.
Drew raises his Pokémon so that they are able to showcase their maximum potential in Pokémon Contests. He is shown to {{pkmn|groomer|groom}} them and treat them well, praising them for their efforts even when they do not succeed. However, when he feels that his Pokémon are not giving it their all, he will scold them. This was shown in ''[[AG181|Thinning the Hoard!]]'' when he became angry at {{p|Absol}} for what he considered to be a lackluster performance.
* Except for his Masquerain, all of Drew's Pokémon have the same name in English as in Japanese.
* Drew is the first (and so far, only) regular character to be from a {{pkmn|movie}}-onlyexclusive location.
* Drew has {{p|Masquerain|two}} [[Drew's Roserade|Pokémon]] whose names are derived from "masquerade".