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Gym Leaders/Elite Four
*'''Selena''' - A Dark-type trainer and the leader of Team Shadow, she reveals herself as the Pokemon Champion. Selena uses her influence as the Champion to keep her leadership of Team Shadow secret, and to scout out strong trainers to join her crusade for power. She disbands Team Shadow after failing to control Solamasa/Masamoone and retreats to Pokémon League to defeat the player at last, "crushing their dreams at the pinnacle of victory - just like they did to her". When the player defeats Selena, she collapses and refuses to speak, unable to handle losing.
In dialogue with NPCs in areas after the game, as well as in post-game Team Shadow areas, it is revealed Selena was neglected as a child and was a loner ostracized by other children because she couldn't catch Pokemon; her sole companion was a Larvatar her parents got her for her birthday when they sent her to a trainer's boarding school. Her parents died in a fire while she was away, and she ran back home to find the ruins of her house. A legendary Pokemon, the Mew-equivalent, appeared to her one night and said it heard her sorrow, and would grant her a wish of happiness. Selena wished her parents be returned, but this was beyond the Pokemon's power, so she instead wished to be the greatest Trainer in the world. Together, she and the legendary Pokemon conquered the Gyms and the Elite Four, but as she took her place as Champion, the legendary Pokemon told her it had to leave, her wish fulfilled, it had to return to the stars. Left alone again after all they had been through together, Selena used her influence as Champion to track down strong trainers and recruit them into Team Shadow, mis-interpreting the legend about the Pokemon of the Stars to refer to her former partner and wishing to call it back to her by creating an endless night. As Champion, her ace Pokemon was Tyranitar, evolved from her childhood Larvatar, and she mastered Mega Evolution with it.
When the player catches both Solamasa and Masamoone, Starsanagi can be captured. With all three Pokemon in their party, the player can find Selena in the ruins of her childhood home, despairing after her loss and fearing she was only ever competent with the legendary Pokemon's help. Her true partner, the Pokemon of the Stars, descends, hearing her despair again, and apologizes for being forced to leave her when her wish was granted. While it can only grant a person one wish and thus cannot accept her request to stay, the Pokemon offers the player a wish. The player wishes on Selena's behalf, and the two set off on a new adventure, a reformed and reinvigorated Selena thanking the player and the Pokemon gifting them an egg that will hatch into another of itself for the player's Pokedex. After this time, under certain conditions the player can return to find Selena and battle her.