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[[File:YGlitchNameF8.png|link=]] is a dual-type {{2t|Ice|Flying}} [[Glitch Pokémon]] found in {{game|Yellow}}. It is only obtainable via the [[Time Capsule exploit]] with {{p|Snubbull}}. The player can also have a [['Ng ゥ$]] traded to Yellow to obtain [[File:YGlitchNameF8.png|link=]]. It isn't possible to obtain it via the [[Mew glitch]] as when using the relevant special stat of 248, the game will attempt to bring up an invalid glitch trainer that will crash the game.
Upon viewing its [[Pokédex|Pokédex entry]], it will produce a very long [[cry]] that continues for several minutes but eventually the player will be able to skip through it. Its sprite is a corrupted form of {{p|Bulbasaur}}'s.