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Pokémon in Latin America

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The [[Pokémon]] franchise first reached '''{{wp|Latin America}}''' in an article that was published and appeared on the cover of the October issue of the Club Nintendo magazine in 1998<ref>[ Portadas de Club Nintendo - 1998] (in Spanish)</ref> and with the release of [[Pokémon Red and Blue Versions]] in English in the same month.<ref>[ Pokémon Azul/Pokémon Rojo] (in Spanish)</ref> The [[Pokémon anime]] followed after with the first broadcast of ''[[EP001|Pokémon, ¡Yo te elijo!]]'' in {{wp|American Spanish|Latin American Spanish}} on Canal 5 in Mexico in June 1999, followed by the debut on {{wp|Cartoon Network (Latin America)|Cartoon Network Latinoamérica}} on September 6, 1999, reaching the rest of Latin America. However, the first broadcast in Latin America was in Chile, in Chilevision channel, on April 26, 1999, just one month before itsthe premiere in Mexico.
'''¡Atrápalos ya!''' is the Latin American Spanish slogan of the Pokémon video games. The slogan is often referenced throughout the Pokémon [[canon]], much like the English slogan "[[Gotta catch 'em all!]]" is.