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Platinum's Empoleon

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In ''[[PS347|Ring Around the Roserade II]]'', Prinplup was used in Platinum’s [[double battle]] alongside {{p|Ponyta}} against Gardenia and her {{p|Roserade}} and {{p|Cherubi}}. Despite the type advantage Ponyta was quickly defeated due to Roserade's poison thorns, leaving Prinplup to battle by herself. Due to the distance Gardenia put between them Prinplup continues getting pummeled by both Cherubi and Roserade and being unable to counterattack. This quickly changes as Platinum takes advantage of the holes made in the ground by {{m|Grass Knot}} and uses that to direct a hidden Blizzard at both Roserade and Cherubi, knocking them out cold.
[[File:Platinum Prinplup Adventures.png|thumb|left|200px|As a Prinplup]]
In ''[[PS351|Perturbed by Pachirisu]]'', Platinum and Prinplup enter a [[Rank (Contest)|Normal Rank]] [[Pokémon Super Contest]] in the {{OBP|Cool|condition}}ness [[Contest condition|segment]]. Due to several saboteurs working against them, Platinum and Prinplup lose their confidence and consider quitting. However, with words of encouragement from Diamond, they gain enough confidence to continue going on and manage to win the contest.competition, earning themselves a [[Ribbon]].
In ''[[PS360|Great Gible]]'', it is revealed that Prinplup evolved into an Empoleon.
In ''[[PS372|Mirages of Mismagius I]]'', Empoleon is used in Platinum's next Gym battle and faces [[Fantina]]'s {{p|Drifblim}}. Empoleon manages to win by freezing its {{m|Ominous Wind}} with Blizzard, which spread to Drifblim and froze it. She then fought {{p|Mismagius}} and lost quickly due to its illusion powers. In ''[[PS374|Brash Bronzong I]]'', when Platinum goes to find her kidnapped father, she uses Empoleon against the Gym Leader [[Byron]], who she believed to be the perpetrator. Empoleon manages to damage Byron's two {{p|Bronzong}} but is defeated by a {{m|Payback}} attack.
[[File:Platinum Prinplup Contest.png|thumb|right|200px|As a Prinplup after winning a Super Contest]]
In ''[[PS387|Striking Out Snover]]'', Empoleon is used in Platinum's battle against [[Candice]], fighting against her {{p|Snover}}. With a powerful Metal Claw Empoleon quickly defeats Snover, but is soon knocked out by Snover's {{m|Seed Bomb}} which it fired earlier, resulting in a tie.