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Meanwhile, Ash’s mom, {{Delia}}, brings Brock and {{an|Misty}} to her house for lunch. Just as they are leaving, the Mr. Mime from the beginning comes knocking on the window. Ash’s mom thinks it’s Ash, and brings him in for a snack. The real Ash then arrives in the Meowth balloon he stole from Team Rocket and comes home. His mom realizes that it was a real Mr. Mime, and then Ash asks Mr. Mime to help him. Ash’s mom asks Mr. Mime to help Ash, offering him a big dessert if it helps, and it agrees.
Later, Team Rocket bursts out with a tank trying to steal the Pokémon from the circus. They fire nets at them and pin them all to the ground. The circus helpers get into their trucks and try to escape with the remaining Pokémon, but they are trapped too. Stella and her Mr. Mime try to escape, but Team Rocket turns around and homes in on them. As they are about capture them too, Ash comes in to interfere, and he is reunited with his friends as well as his mom. He orders {{AP|Pikachu}} to use Thunderbolt on the tank, but it has no effect, as Team Rocket anticipated Ash's use of Pikachu and made sure the tank was largely made of rubber to ward off electric attacks. He then sends out {{AP|Charizard}}, but it doesn't obey him. Ash's mom then tells her Mr. Mime to help, and it builds a wall to block them. Stella's Mr. Mime sees this and, when the tank turns around, builds another wall to block them from the other side. Eventually surrounding them with a tower of walls, they try to blow the walls out with their missiles, but end up blasting themselves off again.
In the end, the wild Mr. Mime ends up going with Delia and becomes a helpful hand around the house. Stella's Mr. Mime ends up forgiving her for her harsh training and agrees to perform in the circus again. Stella agrees to not train as harshly anymore.