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Smack Down (move)

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Smack Down inflicts damage.
SmackIf Downthe removestarget is {{type|Flying}}, has the effectsAbility {{a|Levitate}}, or is under the effect of {{m|Magnet Rise}} andor {{m|Telekinesis}}., Smack Down makesapplies its effect to that Pokémon, causing that target to become [[grounded]] (vulnerable to {{type|Ground}} moves, affected by [[terrain]] and {{a|Arena Trap}}) evenuntil ifthat ittarget isswitches out. Smack Down also removes the effects of {{typem|FlyingMagnet Rise}} or hasand {{am|LevitateTelekinesis}}. ThisThe effect lastsof untilSmack theDown affected Pokémon switches out. This effect doesis not occurapplied if the target is behind a {{m|substitute}} or under the effect of {{m|Ingrain}}.
{{m|Magnet Rise}} fails if used by a Pokémon under the effect of Smack Down; the move {{m|Telekinesis}} cannot affect a Pokémon under the effect of Smack Down.
Smack Down can hit Pokémon during the semi-invulnerable turns of {{m|Fly}}, {{m|Bounce}}, and {{m|Sky Drop}}. If it hits a Pokémon that is using Fly or Bounce, it will knock it down, cancelling the move; if it hits a Pokémon using or affected by Sky Drop, it will not be knocked down. A Pokémon hit with Smack Down can still use these moves on subsequent turns.