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*The prints awarded between 1997 and 1998 were well publicized during the Pokémon phenomenon at the turn of the century, and are popularly known collectively as the ''Pikachu Trophy No.2'' card in reference to the illustration. There are misconceptions regarding the distribution of these particular cards, one of which is that the latter two prints were awarded in 1998 and 1999, whereas both were awarded across two tournament series in late 1997 and 1998. Similarly, the Tropical Mega Battle print was only awarded during the 1999 event. The other misconception is that they were awarded to the overall winners of the tournament finals, where in fact they were awarded to the qualifying event winners. The same also applies to the Tropical Mega Battle and Super Secret Battle prints.
*The prints awarded between 2000 and 2002 were the only cards to feature printed personalisation until the release of {{TCG ID|BW-PSuper Snivy|_____'s Snivy|Promo}}, {{TCG ID|BW-PTerrific Tepig|_____'s Tepig|Promo}}, and {{TCG ID|BW-POutstanding Oshawott|_____'s Oshawott|Promo}} from a Lawson's campaign in 2011. It is debated that despite the larger quantity of cards in existence, these cards are rarer than the original trophy cards released between 1997 and 1998 as each one is unique.
*For the non-"Best in Japan" 2000-2002 prints, the number of Pokémon present in the illustration increases as the rank increases; {{TCG ID|Pokémon Card Game Official Tournament|No.3 Trainer|promo}} features two Pokémon; No.2 Trainer features four; {{TCG ID|Pokémon Card Game Official Tournament|No.1 Trainer|promo}} features six. The same pattern would later be used {{TCG ID|BW Promo|Victory Cup|29}} promotional cards.
*The cards awarded to the "Best in Japan" top ranking players have a photograph of the winner in the illustration superimposed on the logo of the tournament they competed in. The Neo Spring Road print features Lugia, while the Neo Summer Road print features Ho-Oh. These cards are amongst several to feature images of real life people.