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Dugtrio (Pokémon)

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Trivia: Since this is a property of the species, it should be noted on the species page
* In [[Generation V]], when Dugtrio and Diglett are sent out, they merely fade onto the screen instead of dropping down<!--even those that fly or levitate go down--> like all other Pokémon.
* In the [[Poké Transfer]], Dugtrio and Diglett run between bushes rather than jump.
* If Diglett and Dugtrio wereis immune to usethe move {{m|Supersonic SkystrikeTelekinesis}}. However, theythe wouldeffect soar throughof the skiesmove whileremains stillif embeddedDugtrio inobtains ait piecevia of{{m|Baton groundPass}}.
* If Diglett or Dugtrio uses {{m|Supersonic Skystrike}}, it soars through the sky while still embedded in a piece of ground.
Dugtrio appears to be very similar to the artificial moles used in the {{wp|Whac-A-Mole}} arcade games.
Alolan Dugtrio's hair may be based on {{wp|Pele's hair}}, a thin {{wp|volcanic glass}} formed near HawaiʻiHawaiian volcanoes.
====Name origin====
Dugtrio is a combination of ''dug'' (past tense of ''dig'') and ''trio'' (a group of three).