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Spheal (Pokémon)

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
[[Glacia]] of the [[Elite Four]] has a Spheal that she uses, along with a {{p|Snorunt}}, to try to open {{p|Regice}}'s seal to no avail. Several other Spheal are seen throughout following chapters.
A Spheal appeared inas ''[[PS315a {{DL|SkirtingBattle AroundFrontier Surskit(Generation I]]''III)|Battle as a rentalFactory}} Pokémon thatin ''[[GuilePS306|Pinsir Me, I Must Be HideoutDreaming]] stole''.
TheA BattleSpheal Factoryappeared rentedin a''[[PS315|Skirting SphealAround whichSurskit wasI]]'' stolenas bya rental Pokémon that [[Guile Hideout]] in ''[[PS334|The Final Battle VII]]''stole.
==In the TCG==