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In the games
==In the games==
Berry piles can come in two sizes that are distinct in the overworld: a small pile that yields three random Berries, or a large pile that yields four to five Berries. It is possible to get multiple of the same Berry in a single pile. The first Berry in a large pile is fixed, and some Berries can only be found this way. In large piles, the player will always find a high level {{p|Crabrawler}} hiding among the Berries that the player must defeat or capture in order to collect them; small piles only occasionally have low level Crabrawler hiding among the Berries. If the player runs from or loses to the Crabrawler, it will remain in the Berry pile and the player cannot collect the Berries unless they battle it again.
The Berry pile in the {{al|Berry fields}} can only ever be a small pile and will never contain a Crabrawler.