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Extreme Evoboost (move)

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per talk; I believe we shouldn't mention it is affected by Contrary/Simple, which is the standard case for non-Z-Moves (but I'm not too sure)
Extreme Evoboost increases the user's {{MoveResearchstat|AreAttack}}, the{{stat|Defense}}, {{stat|Special boosts affected byAttack}}, {{astat|SimpleSpecial Defense}}, and {{astat|ContrarySpeed}}? Doesstats theby animationtwo stillstages playeach. ifExtreme theEvoboost user'swill statsbe areunable allto increase a stat that is already at +6?}}; if all stats are at +6, Extreme Evoboost can still be executed, but will be unable to increase any stat.
Extreme Evoboost increases the user's {{stat|Attack}}, {{stat|Defense}}, {{stat|Special Attack}}, {{stat|Special Defense}}, and {{stat|Speed}} stats by two stages each.
* Extreme Evoboost is the only Pokémon-exclusive [[Z-Move]] that is a [[status move]].
** It is also the only Z-Move whose [[damage category|category]] differs from its base move's.
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