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In ''[[PS084|Clefabulous Clefable]]'', Red used Vee to battle [[Bruno]] on [[Cerise Island]], taking advantage of his ability to change into his evolutions, which was enhanced through the three [[Vermilion City#Harbor|Vermilion Harbor]] evolutionary stones he obtained from {{adv|Giovanni}}. Vee starts by evolving into Flareon to counter Bruno's {{p|Hitmonchan}}'s {{m|Ice Punch}}. He then evolves into Vaporeon to counter Hitmonchan's next move. Soon Poli and Bruno's {{p|Machamp}} also join the battle which seems even at first. Machamp then removes its belt and knocks both Vee and Poli off of the {{p|Onix}} battleground. Poli's {{m|Water Gun }} proves ineffective, but allows Vee to return via Acid Armor. Vee then evlovesevolves into Jolteon and proceeds to defeat Bruno with Pin Missile.
==={{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}===