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* Rare Metals are used to grant large sums of experience points to your Figures via Fusion in order to level them up. The higher the rarity of the Rare Metal, the more experience points they will grant.
** Rare Rare Metals give 4500 XP.
** Common Rare Metals give 500 XP.
* Cubes are used to increase the power of an attack of your choice. Cubes can only be used on figures with the same rarity (for example, EX-rare figures need EX-rare Cubes to power up their attacks). The limit of power which you can add is 10 points divided as you wish among the moves. These cannot be used on Purple, Blue, or Red sections. They also cannot be used on moves with attack strength of 0.
* Ingots can be sold directly for money via the Exchange Coins section of the shop. The higher the rarity of the Ingot, the higher value for which it can be sold.