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Lunar Dance (move)

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Lunar Dance causes the user to faint, but restores the {{stat|HP}}, {{PP}} and removes all [[status condition]]s (except [[fainting]]) of the Pokémon that is sent out to take its place. If the user moves before the opponent, the restored Pokémon is then sent out before the end of its turn.
===Generation V onward===
The receiving Pokémon is now sent out at the end of the turn after all other Pokémon have moved.
Lunar Dance can now be stolen by {{m|Snatch}}.
===Generation VII===
WhenIf powered up with a {{DL|Z-Crystal|Psychium Z}} into Z-Lunar Dance with Psychium Z, it is the exactmove samewill asgain theno Normaladditional Lunar Danceeffects.