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Some Pokémon also have special effects on parts of their body, such as a slimy body or a sharp edge. Some of these are mainly aesthetic effects, while others may temporarily prevent the player from petting the Pokémon in reaction. Several Pokémon may have their entire bodies produce these effects, either preventing them from being petted in a favorable spot or petted altogether.
The player can also use the touch screen to high fivefive—or, certainalternatively, receive a friendly headbutt if the Pokémon, suchdoesn't ashave the [[starteradequate Pokémon]]appendages andto [[guardiangive deities]]a high five—certain Pokémon. This is done by holding the stylus on a spot away from the Pokémon's body for approximately five seconds, as long as the Pokémon also has at least 5 points of Affection. RapidlyPokémon tappingthat thecan screenhigh infive successionor mayheadbutt also hitgive the Pokémon,player which causes an angry reaction but does not affect its stats.include:
* {{p|Bulbasaur}}
* {{p|Charmander}}
* {{p|Squirtle}}
* {{p|Ekans}}
* {{p|Pichu}}
* {{p|Pikachu}}
* {{p|Raichu}}
* {{p|Vulpix}}
* {{p|Ninetales}}
* {{p|Meowth}}
* {{p|Growlithe}}
* {{p|Arcanine}}
* {{p|Eevee}}
* {{p|Vaporeon}}
* {{p|Jolteon}}
* {{p|Flareon}}
* {{p|Espeon}}
* {{p|Umbreon}}
* {{p|Leafeon}}
* {{p|Glaceon}}
* {{p|Sylveon}}
* {{p|Dratini}}
* {{p|Mew}}
* {{p|Chikorita}}
* {{p|Cyndaquil}}
* {{p|Totodile}}
* {{p|Igglybuff}}
* {{p|Togepi}}
* {{p|Celebi}}
* {{p|Treecko}}
* {{p|Torchic}}
* {{p|Mudkip}}
* {{p|Zigzagoon}}
* {{p|Ralts}}
* {{p|Mawile}}
* {{p|Swablu}}
* {{p|Altaria}}
* {{p|Latias}}
* {{p|Latios}}
* {{p|Turtwig}}
* {{p|Chimchar}}
* {{p|Piplup}}
* {{p|Riolu}}
* {{p|Lucario}}
* {{p|Shaymin}}
* {{p|Victini}}
* {{p|Snivy}}
* {{p|Tepig}}
* {{p|Oshawott}}
* {{p|Pansage}}
* {{p|Pansear}}
* {{p|Panpour}}
* {{p|Scraggy}}
* {{p|Zorua}}
* {{p|Minccino}}
* {{p|Cinccino}}
* {{p|Emolga}}
* {{p|Axew}}
* {{p|Hydreigon}}
* {{p|Chespin}}
* {{p|Fennekin}}
* {{p|Froakie}}
* {{p|Pancham}}
* {{p|Espurr}}
* {{p|Meowstic}}
* {{p|Spritzee}}
* {{p|Slurpuff}}
* {{p|Tyrunt}}
* {{p|Dedenne}}
* {{p|Goomy}}
* {{p|Sliggoo}}
* {{p|Hoopa}}
* {{p|Rowlet}}
* {{p|Litten}}
* {{p|Popplio}}
* {{p|Rockruff}}
* {{p|Comfey}}
* {{p|Mimikyu}}
* {{p|Tapu Koko}}
* {{p|Tapu Lele}}
* {{p|Tapu Bulu}}
* {{p|Tapu Fini}}
* {{p|Cosmog}}
* {{p|Magearna}}
* {{p|Marshadow}}
Rapidly tapping the screen in succession may also hit the Pokémon, which causes an angry reaction but does not affect its stats.
The player can also exchange Poké Beans with [[Mohn]]. He will give the player three Plain Beans for a Patterned Bean or seven Plain Beans for a Rainbow Bean. Additionally, on [[Poké Pelago]], the player can place some of the Poké Beans he or she collected into the Poké Bean crate on each island for various effects, such as attract [[wild Pokémon]] in {{DL|Poké Pelago|Isle Abeens}} or speed up [[Berry]] harvest on {{DL|Poké Pelago|Isle Aplenny}}.
Some Pokémon like {{p|Cosmoem}} and {{p|Shedinja}} cannot be fed.
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