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In Pokémon Adventures
Mr. Fuji made a couple of cameo appearances in later chapters. In ''[[PS179|The Last Battle XIII]]'', he is one of the [[Pokémon Fan Club]] members that sent Pokémon to defeat {{p|Lugia}} and {{p|Ho-Oh}}. In ''[[PS295|Double Down Deoxys]]'', the [[#Fame Checker|photo]] of Mr. Fuji and [[Blaine]] standing shoulder to shoulder is seen in an album.
|trainer=Mr. Fuji
|img=Mr Fuji Doduo Egg.png
|epname=Sigh for Psyduck
|desc=Prior to the start of the series Mr. Fuji hatched {{p|Doduo}} from its [[Egg]]. It passed away sometime before {{adv|Red}} came to [[Lavender Town]].
None of Doduo's moves are known.}}