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In other languages: Rivningshus literally means a house that should or is going to be demolished, if anyone has a better translation than this do please change it
|zh_cmn={{tt|怪奇!怪奇蘑蘑菇大宅之謎?|Bizarre! The Mystery of Shroomish Manor?}}
|da={{tt|Den Fortabtefortabte Shroomish|The Lostlost Shroomish}}
|nl={{tt|Het temmen van de Shroomish!|The taming of the Shroomish!}}
|de={{tt|Die heimatlosen Knilz|The homeless Shroomish}}
|no={{tt|Temming av Shroomish|Taming of the Shroomish}}
|pl={{tt|Oswoić Shroomisha|Taming the Shroomish}}
|ru={{tt|Приручение Шрумиша|Taming the Shroomish}}
|pt_br={{tt|Domando um Shroomish|Taming a Shroomish}}
|pt_eu={{tt|Domesticar Um Shroomish|Taming a Shroomish}}
|ru={{tt|Приручение Шрумиша|Taming Shroomish}}
|es_la={{tt|¡El rescate de Shroomish!|Shroomish's rescue!}}
|es_eu={{tt|La mansión de los Shroomish|The manor of the Shroomish}}
|sv={{tt|Rivningshuset!|The demolitioncondemned house!}}
|th={{tt|เหตุพิศวง! คฤหาสน์ของคิโนโกโกะ!?|Bizarre! The Kinococo Mansion!?}}
|ko={{tt|저주받은 저택의 비밀을 밝혀라|Find Out the Secret of the Haunted Mansion}}