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[[File:Pokémon Refresh.png|thumb|250px|Curing Eevee's Paralysis]]
The eponymous feature of Pokémon Refresh is the option for the player to care for their Pokémon after battle. There are five different ways to care for Pokémon: using medicine, a comb, a brush, a towel, or a dryer. Caring for a Pokémon increases its Affection.
[[File:Pokémon Refresh Feeding.png|thumb|250px|Feeding a Poké Bean to Pikachu]]
'''Poké Beans''' (Japanese: '''ポケマメ''' ''Poké Bean'') are a specialty in the [[Alola]] [[region]] that can be fed to {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} to increase their Affection, as well as their Fullness. There are three different types of Poké Beans: Plain Beans, Patterned Beans, and Rainbow Beans.