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==In the anime==
The protagonists of the [[Pokémon anime]], [[Ash Ketchum]] and his {{ashfr|traveling companions}}, have visited all seven of the core series regions ([[Kanto]], [[Johto]], [[Hoenn]], [[Sinnoh]], [[Unova]], [[Kalos]], and [[Alola]]) in the same order the games have been released. To accommodate plots, story arcs, and episode numbers, regions in the anime are much larger than their game counterparts. The regions are shown to have a number of cities and towns that are [[List of anime-exclusive locations|not present in the games]]. In some cases, some areas are moved to a different region from their game counterparts; for example, the [[Hoenn]] {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|III}} in {{game|Emerald}} was not in [[Hoenn]] in the anime, but instead in [[Kanto]] with the different facilities scattered all over the region rather being located on an island. Additionally[[Media:Example.ogg]], {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}'s [[Sevii Islands]] appeared in one [[Pokémon Chronicles]] episode, ''[[SS018|The Search for the Legend]]''.
Additionally, two regions exist in the anime that do not exist in any video game.