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If the player picks up an item and leaves the carpeted area, {{p|Kecleon}} will warp to the player's side, demand payment and/or offer money for sold items. If the player refuses to pay, tries to pay with insufficient funds, leaves the shop afflicted with certain status conditions (such as {{status|confusion}}) or warps from the area, the Kecleon will label the {{player}} a thief (which will get the attention of nearby enemies) and attack the player, while other Kecleon appear to battle the player. Using a {{DL|Wonder Orb|Trawl Orb}} has the same effect, as Kecleon Shop merchandise is counted among the floor's unclaimed items. Nearby enemies can also throw Warp Seeds at the team's leader before having the time to pay, which is considered as shoplifting. If a Warp Scarf activates before paying for the merchandise, it will be considered as stealing. Using the moves {{m|Teleport}}, {{m|Memento}}, {{m|Lunar Dance}} or {{m|Healing Wish}} in a Kecleon Shop counts as theft, since the user warps out of the shop because it only has 1 HP left. Also, an explosion resulting from {{m|Selfdestruct}}, {{m|Explosion}}, {{a|Aftermath}}, or a [[trap]] will destroy any nearby items, including Kecleon shop merchandise, which Kecleon counts as a theft. If a nearby explosion damages a Kecleon but does not destroy any items, the Kecleon will be able to be damaged by the player and any partners, but will not label the player as a thief, even if the Kecleon is defeated. However, if items are taken from the shop, the player will be marked as a thief, despite not being able to pay for any items taken.
If an {{DL|Wonder Orb|Invisify Orb}} is used, the shop music won't play when standing on the rug, and should the player take the items and leave the room, Kecleon won't even call for help until the Invisify Orb wears off, regardless of the player's and Kecleon's locations. In Gates to Infinity, Trawl Orbs no longer have an affect on Kecleon Shop Itemsitems.
There is a downloadable dungeon called [[Kecleon Bazaar]] where his shop appears frequently and sells mainly TMs and occasionally some flags and HMs. If the player has insufficient funds, Kecleon will be disappointed, but he will not go after the player yet. This allows the player time to place back items instead of stealing them. Should the player keep walking past his shop tiles, it will be considered theft.