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Room 10
====Room 10====
In the depths of the Seafloor Cavern, you finally catch up to the villainous team's driven leader, [[Maxie]]{{sup/6|OR}}/[[Archie]]{{sup/6|AS}} along with the other leader. He has discovered the fabled resting place of the super-ancient Pokémon, {{p|Groudon}}{{sup/6|OR}}/{{p|Kyogre}}{{sup/6|AS}}, and stands ready to restore the creature with his stolen {{key|VI|Red Orb}}{{sup/6|OR}}/{{key|VI|Blue Orb}}{{sup/6|AS}}. WithHe histaunts plan so close to fruition, he's not about to let anything stop him,Maxie/Archie and drags you into battle. He pulls out all the stops, even [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolving]] his prized Pokémon in an attempt to quash you once and for all!
=====VS Maxie{{sup/6|OR}}=====