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sketch, shadow rush, struggle, PPMAX
(sketch, shadow rush, struggle, PPMAX)
'''Power points''', or '''PP''' for short, are the energy that a [[Pokémon]] requires in order to perform a [[move]].
Each move has a set number of Power points. Under the PP system, moves can be performed anywhere from 5 to 64 times; higher damage-dealing moves typically have low PP counts, and the reverse is also true. The PP system limits the value of especially powerful moves such as {{m|Fire Blast}}. There are three exceptions: the move {{m|Sketch}} has only one PP and the moves {{m|Shadow Rush}} and {{m|Struggle}} both have infinite PP.
Once a move runs out of PP, it can no longer be performed. After the PP of all of a Pokémon's moves has run out, the Pokémon will have to revert to {{m|Struggle}}, (which doesn't require PP, but also hurts the user awhen it littlehits).
Outside of battle, [[Hidden Machine]]s may be used even if the Power points of the HM move have been used up.
{{i|Elixir}}s and {{i|Ether}}s temporarily restore a move's PP, and a visit to any [[Pokémon Center]] will replentish PP to its maximum. {{i|PP Up}} permanently raises the PP of one move by one fifth of its original value. Each move, however, has a cap on the max number of Power Points it can have equal to the original value times 1.6 (three PP Ups). {{i|PP Max}} permanently raises the PP of a move to its maximum value.
Power points, like many other game mechanics, are absent in the [[Anime]] and [[Pokémon Special|Manga]]. The [[Trading Card Game]], however, employs a system similar to the games, which requires a certain number of [[Energy (TCG)|Energy cards]] to be attached to a Pokémon before it can perform a move.