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The eponymous feature of Pokémon Refresh is the option for the player to care for their Pokémon after battle. There are five different ways to care for Pokémon: using medicine, a comb, a brush, a towel, or a dryer. Caring for a Pokémon increases its Affection.
During a battle with a wild Pokémon or Trainer, there are four ways the player's Pokémon can become dirty, each requiring a different tool to clean it up.
* Comb: cleanly grooms a Pokémon. A Pokémon may randomly need grooming after a battle after performing an offensive move, the chance of which may increase with longer battles. Specific moves such as {{m|Darkest Lariat}} that are used by the player's Pokémon always result in the Pokémon requiring combing after the battle. Only Pokémon with fur or feathers can be groomed with a comb.
* Brush: dusts off sand the Pokémon picks up from using or being hit by moves like {{m|Sand Attack}}, {{m|Bulldoze}}, and {{m|Rototiller}}. Pokémon that battle in a {{weather|sandstorm}} also can be brushed after battle.
* Towel: wipes away dirt the Pokémon picks up from using or being hit by certain moves, like {{m|Mud-Slap}}, {{m|Mud Sport}}, or {{m|Sludge Wave}}.