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[[Image:TRSeals.jpg|thumb|right|[[James's Carnivine|Carnivine]], [[James's Mime Jr.|Mime Jr.]], and [[Meowth (Team Rocket)|Meowth]] play around with seals.]]
''For the Pokémon based on a seal, see [[Seel]].''
'''Seals''' are small stickers that are able to be attached to [[Ball Capsule]]s, which can in turn be attached to [[Poké Ball]]s, to attain a special effect when a [[Pokémon]] comes out of them, instead of the usual flash of light. The majority of them can be purchased in the Sunyshore Market in [[Sunyshore City]], where the selection changes daily, though there are 28 seals of letters A through Z and the exclamation point and question mark, obtained by showing {{p|Unown}} to a boy in [[Solaceon Town]].