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== [[Image:SpriteMisty.png]]'''My Introduction to Pokémon''' ==
I LOVE Pokémon, since I watched the first Animeanime episode
on Cartoon Network, in the premier. I watched with my older
brothers;{{tt|João|My big brother!!Yeeeh!}} and Lucas.
Some days after, our parents gave to us the video games Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow.
They gave the Red version to my brother Lucas,
the Blue to {{tt|João|Big brother!!Yeeeeh!}}, and Yellow to me. WE LOVED! But, some time after, my brother {{tt|João|My dear older brother!!}} "disliked", so he gave to my brother Lucas.
brother {{tt|João|My dear older brother!!}} "disliked",so he gave to my brother Lucas.
Some time after, we received Pokémon Gold and& Silver; Gold to Lucas,
Silver to me. But, like {{tt|João|BIG BRO!!YEEEEAAAH!!}}, my brother Lucas (after some time,again) "disliked", so he gave his games to me (Pokémon Red & Blue,and Gold).
"disliked",so he gave his games to me(Pokémon Red & Blue,and Gold).
My brothers don't like Pokémon {{tt|anymore|Anymore...ANYMORE...ANYMORE!!!}},BUT I STILL LOVING POKÉMON!! I WILL LOVE POKÉMON UNTIL THE VERY END!!