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Orange League
* For the {{badge|Coral Eye}}, the challenger and Gym Leader [[Cissy]] go head-to-head in three water-based physical challenges using their Water-type Pokémon.
* For the {{badge|Sea Ruby}}, the challenger must complete two of Gym Leader [[Danny]]'s three challenges., Thesethough challengesthey arewere only qualified to do so if they could pass his pre-test, which was to climb a mountain withoutto the aidpeak, ofwhere anythe Gym is located. These challenges are to freeze a geyser ofwith their Pokémon's ice attack, build a bobsled (or toboggan) from said geyser with the help of three of their Pokémon, and compete in a bobsled race down the side of the mountain against Danny.
* For the {{badge|Spike Shell}}, Gym Leader [[Rudy]] assigns the challenger an attack challenge in which they must use their Pokémon to knock down all the targets on a tricky water course. If they pass this pre-test, they must defeat Rudy in a three-on-three battle, with Pokémon of the same type battling each other.
* For the {{badge|Jade Star}}, the challenger must battle Gym Leader [[Luana]] in a [[Double Battle]].