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The '''Aura Trio''', also called '''Yggdrasil Trio''', '''XYZ Trio''' or '''Mortality Trio''', are fan terms used to refer to three powerful Legendary Pokémon of the [[Kalos]] region: {{p|Xerneas}}, {{p|Yveltal}}, and {{p|Zygarde}}. They are considered the beings of life, destruction and order respectively.
Contrary to the main pattern of [[Legendary trio|legendary trios]]; this trio, at least one of them {{p|Zygarde}}, has a different base stat distribution total. {{p|Xerneas}} and {{p|Yveltal}} have a base stat distributiontotal of 126-131-95-131-98-99, totaling 680. Zygarde, on the other hand has different base stat distribution and total for each of its forms.
The trio was themed after the concept of mortality, order, or equilibrium of life and death; and are named after the last three letters of the alphabet or the axes of the Cartesian coordinate system. Xerneas is considered the being of life, having said to have shared eternal life, and exudes a revitalizing aura; Xerneas also represents the letter X. Yveltal is known as the being of destruction, possessing the reputation of a destructive nature; Yveltal represents the letter Y. Zygarde, their internal [[trio master]], is renowned as the being of balance, it is said to have monitoring the ecosystem. And when the ecosystem falls into disorder, Zygarde unleashes its true power; Zygarde represents the letter Z.