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Champion is a [[Trainer class]] that first debuted in the [[Generation I]] {{pkmn|games}}. It is the title held by the Trainer who last defeated the [[Elite Four]] and the previous Pokémon Champion. Each Champion is always stronger than the Elite Four members and most other Trainers, and has a party of six Pokémon to test their opponents' strength. Like Elite Four members, they employ the use of strong healing items. To challenge the Champion, Trainers must defeat all four Elite Four members without leaving the Pokémon League area, and cannot access the Pokémon League [[Pokémon Center]] and [[Poké Mart]] until after defeating the Champion or losing at any point during the challenge. If a challenger is defeated by the Champion, just like the Elite Four, they must start over.
Since in every [[core series]] game the player goes on to defeat the standing Champion (except for {{g|Sun| and Moon}}, in which case there is no current champion and [[Professor Kukui]] is defeated instead), every [[player character]] is considered a Champion and subsequently entered into the [[Hall of Fame]], along with the player's [[party]]. However, for players, becoming the Champion is mostly a symbolic honor, as they are unable to battle challengers or take up any other league duties. In addition, the former Champion will still remain at the [[Pokémon League]], retaining the title of Pokémon Champion at least in newer generations (in Generations {{gen|I}} and {{gen|III}}, {{ga|Blue}} [[Blue (game)#Indigo Plateau|clearly]] [[Blue (game)#Indigo Plateau 2|stated]] his reign was over). The player may battle the Elite Four and the former Champion as many times as they like, and on each success will be re-entered into the Hall of Fame with whatever team was used in that challenge. The exception is in {{g|Sun and Moon}}, where the player is the first champion and can battle challengers after re-battling the Elite Four.
In {{2v2|Black|White}}, Cynthia tells the player that once every few years, the Champions from all the regions come together and battle to find the strongest among them. In the [[Pokémon World Tournament]] in {{2v2|Black|White|2}}, which takes place 2 years later, all the Champions the player battles in previous games participate in the [[Champions Tournament]]. This tournament does not include player characters, with the exception of {{ga|Red}}.