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* Despite [[Shogakukan]]'s distribution of the 2004 versions of the first 37 episodes of the original series as official and legal material in all media in Japan, Hulu has ​​the 1997 original versions of the episodes to [[EP037]].
** Additionally, this collection did not include [[EP001]], which remains as the 2004 version.
* The Japanese version doesn't have the edited version of [[Holiday Hi-Jynx]], unlike [[Amazon Video]] and [[HuluNetflix]].
** [[EP038]] is still banned, despite having a preview in [[EP037]].
* All original series episodes are based on the rental and rerun versions.
* All {{series|Best Wishes}} episodes were based on the versions when BW was still on Hulu Japan that were originally broadcasted by [[TV Tokyo]].
** This included exclusive segments during its premiere on TV Tokyo (as thanks to sponsors), but which are subsequently deleted or modified to rental versions and reruns on networks such as [[Kids Station]].
** [[BW022]] had the original [[BW023 (unaired)|BW023]] and [[BW024 (unaired)|BW024]] preview when BW was still on Hulu Japan.
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