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February 5, 2014<br /><small>(The Americas)</small>
<!--<ref>[ Nintendo of America's Twitter] (English - United States)</ref><ref>[ Banco de Pokémon] (Spanish - Latin America)</ref><ref>[ Pokémon Bank] (English - Great Britain)</ref><ref>[ Banco de Pokémon] (Spanish - Spain)</ref><ref>[ Banca Pokémon] (Italian - Italy)</ref><ref>[ Banque Pokémon] (French - France)</ref><ref>[ Pokémon Bank] (German - Germany)</ref><ref>[ Nintendo Australia's website] (English - Australia)</ref>-->
|serviceprovided=Transferring Pokémon from [[Generation V]] and the [[Virtual Console]] releases of [[Generation I]]
|accessableby=[[Nintendo 3DS]] family of systems
|externallink=[] (English)