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James's Weezing

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{{series|Advanced Generation}}
In ''[[AG006|A Poached Ego!]]'', {{TRT}} found [[Rico|a poacher]] holding a herd of {{p|Ekans}} and Koffing captive in [[Hoenn]]. After freeing them, James and Jessie reluctantly ordered Weezing and {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}} to stay in the wild and guard their fellow Pokémon. Arbok and Weezing had to when the poacher used his {{p|Tyranitar}} to attack Jessie, James, and {{MTR}}, even though it was clear that they wanted to stay and defend them. The two Pokémon have not been seen since then. Also in this same episode, James said that "Weezing and I are like brothers," thus, again, indicating a great bond between the two.
==Personality and characteristics==