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===Shady House===
{{main|Shady House}}
Shady House is the base of Team Skull, a dilapidated mansion at the far end of Po Town, where [[Guzma]] also stays from time to time.
===Pokémon Center===
As the [[Pokémon Center]], like the rest of Po Town, is occupied by Team Skull, no operational [[Poké Mart]], [[Pokémon Center Café]], or [[PC]] can be found there. A {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}} will, however, offer to heal the player's Pokémon for {{pdollar}}10 whenever she's asked to. After becomingthe player has become {{pkmn|Champion}}, the Grunt, along with her cohort, will selloffer theto playersell them a [[Trainer customization|Skull Tank]] for {{pdollar}}10,000. AfterIf the player purchases the tank top, the two gruntsGrunts will leave the Pokémon Center, leaving it with no more functional use.
{{Trainerentry|VSTeam Skull Grunt F.png{{!}}150px|Team Skull Grunt||1,120|1|767|Wimpod|♀|35|None}}
* Po Town is the only city or town in Alola where the background music doesn't change depending on the time of day.
==Name origin==